Welcome! This is a just a place to stash some of the photos of my various trips:

Various Photo Galleries 2013+

Random collection of my more recent trips and photos

Australia 2006 - October trip with Let's Trek

A group of 13 of us drove from Darwin over to Cairns on the east coast, then down the east coast to Sydney on a 21 day trek.

Trip to Australia 2006

Australia 2007 - Studying at University of Queensland in Brisbane

I spent most of 2007 at the University of Queensland earning a Master's degree in Computer Science (and spent many nights studying thanks to the V enery drink). I lived in a house with around 10 other students (and a few furry marsupials) for both semesters.

Australia 2007 ( full size | large | small )

I also have several YouTube videos of the possums.

New Zealand 2007

I joined my housemate Daniel and some of his friends for a trip in a camper van around the entire south island of New Zealand at the end of 2007.

New Zealand ( full size | large | small )